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Hey! This is a disclaimer! You (yes you) really don't need to read this! Honestly! Slide right on by, nothing to see here. I'm writing this down so I have a record of when it happed, mostly just for my future reference. It's liable to be whiney, self-pitying, and a bit of a downer. Feel free to give it a miss...

Ummm... so, yeah. Recently I had a re-titration for my sleep apnea, just to make sure the settings were correct and such. Fine and dandy, if a bit expensive (ok, VERY expensive). So, fast forward to the follow up with my pulmonologist. "Fine. Fine... Fine. What's this?!?!" **commence freak out** It seems that during the sleep study, there were some unusual EKG readings. Because of the nature of the recording, he couldn't tell exactly what, but he was... concerned. And off to the cardiologist we go.

Saw the cardiologist today. He did a full EKG. Results are not good. Here I thought I was only inheriting the bad stuff from mom's side of the family. But no! Both sides dumped their defective genes on me.

So, it appears that I've developed atrial fibrillation. And possibly congestive heart failure. Which means more drugs, one of which is a blood thinner. Which is liable to adversely impact the bleeding I have form the Crohn's. And another, which means more peeing (yay). Plus more tests, including an ultrasound of the heart and a chemical stress test (because, you know, a real stress test may make things go 'BOOM!!'), both of which were scheduled with a fair degree of alacrity.

On the plus side, when I say something (say, #clustertrump) going to give me a stroke, I might not be lying.
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