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Some things never change, it seems. And some things, apparently, only change for the worse. Not absolutely sure which it is, but I have a vague foreboding…

For Halloween this year, I’ll be dressing up as an injured party and attending a festive day-long revelry of legal chicanery. This is punching a number of my buttons, and upping the anxiety quotient exponentially.

Of course, this could mean that events will be speedily concluded… but more likely, according to the counsel collie, is that my name and reputation will be thoroughly sullied, poor faith bargaining will be evidenced, and this will drag on. And on. AND ON.

Another fun trip is scheduled for November 7th, when I present myself for another cardioversion. Since changes is medication and the initial cardioversion were so effective, I’m sure this one will also be… something...

I’m also doing things I never thought I would do, which is seriously messing with my sense of self-worth and societal value. So three cheers for new adventures.

Other things are also a bit depressing.

Y’know, I was going to go into details, and write a long and wordy piece of dreck, but I am Just. Too. Tired. Besides, I’ve never been a keen proponent of the ‘misery loves company’ maxim. I thought seriously about just deleting this tripe, but, eh, what the hell.

I hope things are really going well with all four of you who might read this, and that you’re thoroughly enjoying this non-global-warming-related unusually balmy fall weather.
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