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A few days after I found my great grandfather’s wand, I discovered this one. It was in the same spot, so I’m guessing that decided they finally wanted to be found after all of this time.

Anyway, I believe this is the companion wand to that of my great grandfather, which I assume means it was Great Grandma Grace’s. It’s in a similar Art Noveau style, although there are some significant differences. I’m fairly certain it’s made of pink dogwood. It appears to be a standard domestic model, with a raised thumb spur and a curious extended pommel which is inset with some sort of yellow newt’s eye gem (possibly a yellow sapphire?). It’s also inscribed with a Fehu rune, which I believe represents wealth and good health and fortune.

It measures around 20 inches in length, and appears to have been used to defend against some sort of desiccation spell (possibly a weaponized version of a standard culinary Sun-Dry spell, or possibly the much stronger Desert Essence spell) which accounts for the splitting seen all along the length of the wand.

Now I have to I wonder if any more familial wands will make themselves known…?
Dogwood Wand 1

Dogwood Wand 2

Dogwood Wand 3
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