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I’ve been feeling unwell again, which means irregular sleep patterns. And it seems when that happens what sleep I get is filled with weird and vivid dreams. For example, these are the dreams I remember from last night:

1. An acquaintance of mine was tired of ‘working for the man’, so he decided to start a pr0n industry related business. A friend and I went to visit him at his new enterprise, and found him and several other gentlemen walking around the office in the nude. The first thing I noticed was that there were only gentlemen in this new pr0n related business. The second thing I noticed was that they were all gingers. The third thing I noticed was that, even in a dream state, my mind is apparently strictly PG – all of their naughty bits were behind pixelated filters which followed them as they moved around the building.

2. I was in a church. Amazingly, it hadn’t yet collapsed or spontaneously burst into flames. I was in a front pew, lying down and feeling poorly, covered in a blanket, and listening to the sermon. I suddenly had to visit the facilities. When I returned, some people had taken my pew and coopted my blanket. I politely told them that I had been sitting there, and asked that they move and return my blanket. They less politely declined. So I yanked my blanket away from them and forcibly squeezed in at the end of the pew. I then proceeded to go on a rant about how rude they were and how badly I was feeling. A rather long, involved, and highly detailed rant – which is something I NEVER do. At the end of this, the group was so chastised and sadden by my predicament that they volunteered one of their number to help me with whatever I might need during this time of difficulties.

3. I was chronicling the preparations of two groups who were planning to battle one another the following day. One group spent the night in drunken revelry of the ‘eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die’ variety. The other group spent the night in rest and meditation – except for their leader, who was consulting with her most trusted advisors about the upcoming conflict. Said advisors were the severed heads of vanquished foes in linen bags. Why vanquished foes were giving reliable advice is beyond me.

Also, if someone has mentioned that they aren’t feeling well, no matter the context but especially if you know them to have a chronic illness, do not ignore their statement and continue on with your requests for favors and assistance, at least without acknowledging the fact that they are unwell and providing them a reasonable option to decline with grace and without guilt. /PSA
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