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Last night Pugsly came for a visit. He showed up in the middle of a nightmare, to let me know I was actually ok, I think. But today I've been all maudlin. Man, I miss you Bubby...

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A few nights ago, I had an unusually realistic dream. In it, my good friend [ profile] baronmind had invited me to beta test his latest gaming endeavor. The testing was at a large gaming convention in Atlantic City, and he had rented a large hall within the convention center.

We met for breakfast, where I remember ordering eggs, hash browns and orange juice. We then proceeded to the convention center. He made a short speech and then encouraged everyone to try out the game, which he had developed for touch screen computers.

The game itself was fairly simple; you were presented with a picture, and you had to try and duplicate it. The catch was that you couldn't remove your stylus from the screen - the drawing had to be done in one continuous line, much like an Etch-A-Sketch. Additionally, you could not cross or touch any line that you had previously drawn, so that you had to start in one corner and complete your drawing without contacting anything you'd drawn previously. Crossing a line or removing your stylus from the screen ended the game. Points were calculated based on speed, accuracy, detail and completeness.

As the creator of the program, [ profile] baronmind was very good at it. I, on the other hand, was very bad at the game, constantly drawing myself into a dead end. I wonder what that says about me, dreaming a dream of a game that I'm bad at...
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Inspired by an interesing drawing by [ profile] baronmind...

Jack-Straw Eyes )
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So, the latest installment in The Amazing Fortunes of Prolix Footle:

My mother is in the hospital. She woke up Monday with the side of her face and neck badly swollen, went to the Emergency Room and thence was admitted. Antibiotics and other things were tried, Fast forward to today. They lanced the thing and packed it with gauze. Being the dutiful son, I went to visit. Took her some necessities and visited for a couple of hours, tidied up her room and such. Nice. Leave for home, stop and pick up some dinner (Hamburger Station, one of my favorites), eat some fried mushrooms on the way home. Shortly after I get home Mom calls. She was just told she has MRSA and is highly contagious.
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Verizon Wireless customer service is frustrating, unhelpful, and generally abysmal. For the first time in 20 years I am actively considering switching to another provider because of the horrendous experience I've had this afternoon. Sprint offers exactly what I want for nearly the same price… perhaps it’s time to take my accounts over there. Or perhaps T-Moblie.

All I want to do is get a new phone and reup for another two years because the phone I have is starting to get wonky. I want to keep the same plan I’ve had for the past five years, which includes unlimited data. Apparently it is impossible to for them to continue the plan I ALREADY HAVE because they ‘don’t have the codes’. I’ve already placed two calls to customer service, peen placed on hold for over half an hour while I sat in the dealer’s store, and been promised a call back from a supervisor which has yet to materialize. The last agent I spoke to started yelling at me so I hung up. To say I am unhappy is a gross understatement.
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The moon paints the breeze, with a quicksilver sheen,
while cicadas and crickets whisper magics unseen.

Velvet thick shadows cling with gloomiest might
to the corners and cracks of this lucent night.

Midsummer’s gone, now naught but a dream,
and winter awaits to claw in with a scream.

But for now, here tonight, all is peaceful and calm,
as we stop just to relish this early fall balm.
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So, I just spoke with my gastroenterologist’s office about a telephone call I received on Friday. It seems that my recent blood test has increased in abnormality over the previous abnormal tests, and that a liver biopsy is indicated (huzzah). According to the nurse practitioner with whom I spoke, the current theory is an expansion of the autoimmune response that’s causing the Crohn’s. Specifically, it seems that I may be eating my own liver. So a visit with the doctor is scheduled to go over the results in detail and prep for the biopsy.

Could someone send me some fava beans and a nice Chianti?
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Perdition’s Crossing, Ohio
From Omnipaedic, the universal online cyclopaedic
“Omnipaedic: Of The People, for The People, by The People”

Perdition’s Crossing is a city in Blackland County in the U.S. State of Ohio. The population was 33,656 at the 2010 census.[1] The city is nicknamed “Flintrock” after large quantities of flint that exist along the Kinnitaugwa River. [2] It is also home to the prestigious Grossmorder University.

History [edit]
Perdition’s Crossing was founded in 1823 by the merger of four smaller communities that had formed around the conflux of three rivers: the Kinnitaugwa, the Akron and a much smaller river known as Slippingstone Creek. These communities (Fort Kinnitaugwa – est. 1780, Edgarton – est. 1799, Bremeton – est. 1803 and Mount Woning – est. 1820) were originally trading outposts for the fur industry.[3] The official incorporation as a city occurred in 1842.[4]

Perdition’s Crossing earned its name in 1840 when a number of unfortunate occurrences hampered the joint efforts of the Eloign and Southern and Arkham Regional railroads to build a bridge over the Kinnitaugwa River. The incidents, which resulted in the deaths of over thirty men during the two year construction, initially marked the soon-to-be city as cursed,[5] but the tremendous prosperity that followed the completion of the bridge soon alleviated that onus.[6]

Perdition’s Crossing was originally planned to maximize the integration between the town and the railroad station. The station functioned not only as personal transportation, but was also central to the industries that sprang up, providing easy access to incoming materials and fast and efficient exportation of finished products.[7] This integration resulted as Perdition’s Crossing sometimes being referred to as ‘the city where Main Street never ends’.[8]

The two men most often credited with the industrial success of Perdition’s Crossing are Edgar Grossmorder and Eblis Ahriman.[9] The Grossmorders had long been established in the area (emigrating from Germany in the late seventeenth century, founding both Fort Kinnitaugwa and Edgerton, as well as Grossmorder University),[10] while Ahriman (a graduate of Miskatonic University in Massachussets) was a relative newcomer, bringing a keen scientific mind and sharp business sense that took full advantage of the benefits of the industrial revolution.[11]

References [edit]
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Dec. 2nd, 2013 03:44 pm
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Well my Peeps, my fluffy white kittens, the Generic Seasonal Greeting®, took a giant leap forward today. Thanks to some much needed encouragement (thanks [ profile] mr_meatfriend!) , it looks like one might actually come to fruition this year. So, if you’re interested in receiving one, and aren’t sure that I’ve been stalking you if I have your mailing address, please message me with the info or email it to me at prolix dot footle at gmail dotsky comsky.

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People of Earth, your attention please. This is Pro… ahem, that is… this is Prolix Footle, not the famous intergalactic Vogon friend you might have expected. And I will not be reading poetry at you.

What I am going to do is attempt to revive the Generic Seasonal Greeting® after a brief generic seasonal affective disorder hiatus. So, if you are interested in receiving one of my patented Generic Seasonal Greetings® (possibly the Last One Ever for reasons which will become clear once you receive it) please, even if you think I already have the information, but especially if you’ve relocated to the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy, send me your mailing address. I recommend prolix dot footle at gmail dot com (and I promise to be discrete, not to use it for illicit gain, to sell it to third parties for spamming purposes or to locate your residence and destroy it to make way for a new bypass, even though the plans were on display and everyone knows you’ve got to build bypasses…
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Crunch, shuffle
Shuffle, crunch
The leaves are falling
by the bunch!
A red-gold sea upon the ground
that churns and swirls all around
then slowly turns to crispy brown
and smells of summer shutting down

Ankle deep
They land and fill up
all the gaps!
The trees begin their yearly sleep
as leaves form piles that grow so deep,
and jumble up in endless heaps
that chatter, moan, then fly and creep.

The wind cuts through them
Like a whip!
Enjoy the season while it’s here
Before old Winter sweeps it clear
And dunes of snow again appear
Autumn comes but once a year!
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And so B-Man is gone. Goodbye, little buddy, I'll miss you.
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Now Little Miss Squeak has taken a sudden turn. This year is just... not pleasant.
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