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My world is filled with little veins of synchronicity that pop up every now and again just to tweak my nose. This past weekend it was Will Smith and Ben Affleck, with a lesser emphasis on Actors in Strange Places.

You see, it’s very hot in the Rural Wastelands right now. And living in a decrepit farmhouse with inadequate cooling systems tends to make for very… languid… days.

Since we haven’t had one in a while, here’s An Apparent Random Non-Sequitur™: The cast of Six Feet Under are harbingers of doom, or at least insanity.

So. I spent much of the weekend randomly watching movies. First I saw a very young Renee Zellweger playing a slut in Empire Records - a movie I hadn’t previously seen. Then I caught Michael C. Hall in Paycheck (with the aforementioned Mr. Affleck starring). And then I caught I, Robot and saw James Cromwell. Then throughout the weekend, references to Ben (most noticeably on Family Guy and Will (every time I caught the radio, he was getting’ jiggy with it or switchin’ or somethin’).

All this led me to a realization: Any time you see a cast member from Six Feet Under, either someone is going to end up insane, or civilization is doomed. From Lauren Ambrose in Psycho Beach Party (insane serial killer kills imperfect people) to Frances Conroy in The Aviator (insane rich guy builds airplanes) to Michael C. Hall in Paycheck (civilization is doomed by seeing future) to James Cromwell in I, Robot (civilization is doomed by overprotective machines), they are bad news. And when you get them all together, someone’s guaranteed to die…

OK. I’ve totally lost the thread here, but that’s because I think I’ve just seen Peter Kraus in the parking lot. And since everyone around here is already wacko, that can only mean one thing… civilization is threatened by a Blood Harvest
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