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I had another weird dream last night.Read more... )
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Last night Pugsly came for a visit. He showed up in the middle of a nightmare, to let me know I was actually ok, I think. But today I've been all maudlin. Man, I miss you Bubby...

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A few nights ago, I had an unusually realistic dream. In it, my good friend [ profile] baronmind had invited me to beta test his latest gaming endeavor. The testing was at a large gaming convention in Atlantic City, and he had rented a large hall within the convention center.

We met for breakfast, where I remember ordering eggs, hash browns and orange juice. We then proceeded to the convention center. He made a short speech and then encouraged everyone to try out the game, which he had developed for touch screen computers.

The game itself was fairly simple; you were presented with a picture, and you had to try and duplicate it. The catch was that you couldn't remove your stylus from the screen - the drawing had to be done in one continuous line, much like an Etch-A-Sketch. Additionally, you could not cross or touch any line that you had previously drawn, so that you had to start in one corner and complete your drawing without contacting anything you'd drawn previously. Crossing a line or removing your stylus from the screen ended the game. Points were calculated based on speed, accuracy, detail and completeness.

As the creator of the program, [ profile] baronmind was very good at it. I, on the other hand, was very bad at the game, constantly drawing myself into a dead end. I wonder what that says about me, dreaming a dream of a game that I'm bad at...
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My weekend nightmare, which spawned the vision of Lady Morpheus, was actually rather interesting. It was one of those that cause me to wish I had studied dream interpretation. )
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I had a nightmare last night )
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I had some very unusual dreams last night. Normally, remember dreaming, but not the specific dreams. Not last night! I remember two specific dreams:

The first involve the Intrepid Miss Lindsay, newly wedded and back from her honeymoon in Mexico. I was assisting her in searching for documentation regarding our original corporate hospitalization policy. She was positive that certain verbiage involving ‘fertility treatments’ had been erroneously omitted when the plan was switched from one provider to another. So we were searching for this documentation in the Dungeon – the dead file storage area at our Corporate Headquarters – for what seemed like hours. The weird thing is that I actually *know* where the documentation is – in a file at my desk. I *hate* work dreams.

The second dream was even more unusual. It involved the Divine Mr. [ profile] f00dave, whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting IRL. Nonetheless, we were engaged in an animated game of 3-D Galaxian at what I must assume was his abode, as I certainly don’t have the sort of nifty toys that were in the dream. And we were doing *extremely* well.

I wonder what it all means…
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