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Y’know, it really doesn’t take much to lessen my funk. I’ve been trying to do some home reclamation (long story, but it boils down to my house having a second story that basically goes unused except for storage of the random bits and bobs I’ve accumulated in my terminally pack-ratish existence – and has been mostly unused since the Great White Divorce almost… what? Seven years ago now. Egad…) Anyway, my goal is to one day have an actual guest room, y’know, for all the guests so frequently stop in for an overnight stay.


So, I’ve been haphazardly moving things around, opening boxes and tins to see what treasures I’ve disremembered and lo and behold I found my original Leatherman’s Tool that I got at the cost of several days of my life. I’ve been looking for that thing since before the divorce. True to my storage philosophies, I found it in an ornamental tin under a bag of Halloween faux spider web, next to one of several Altoids tins that were also lurking inside the original tin. This discovery, mundane as it is, has considerably brightened my day.

Speaking of my storage philosophies, have I ever mentioned my fascination for this? I am obsessed with storage, to the point where I collect all manner of storage media. I suppose it’s some form of OCD, but I prefer to call it a hobby. It’s to the point now where I’m making my own boxes. For the record, this is directly attributable to [ profile] baronmind (also a long story, involving an introduction to the card game Gloom, and it’s need for an appropriate storage container, and since no one apparently makes storage boxes for four-deck card games, I had to create my own, with a suitable color scheme of course – distressed blue on black with blood-red felt interior). I enjoyed the process so much that I’ve gone on to create four or five more.

And speaking of Gloom, I’ve completed the second card of my ill-fated family:

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For the game-minded of you out there, Atlas Games offers a template to make your own Gloom cards.

So… )
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