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Ohio is now officially vying for the armpit of the nation award. In addition to our medieval stance on human rights and our abysmal political leadership we now have the dog days two months early. Temperatures and humidity in the nineties.

Which in a bizarre turn of events, led to me realizing that I’m even more verbose than I thought. As you may have realized by now, there was a reason I chose the name ‘Prolix Footle’. Although I’ve been told for longer than I can remember that my choice of verbiage was slightly atypical, I’ve never had difficulty in making myself understood – even if I seemed (unintentionally) supercilious. That all changed yesterday…

It was lunchtime. As we exited the illustrious (and air-conditioned) Corporate Offices of the Middling Large Lumber Retailer, my friend and I (*waves at [ profile] mr_meatfriend who never posts anymore*) were slapped in the face. By a wall. Well, it seemed like a wall. Actually it was only the ambient atmosphere pummeling us, much to our chagrin. Then came the infamous moment…

I made a comment, a simple, casual observation. I said it was close. This is, I know from experience (and research), a perfectly acceptable use of the word in its adjectival form, which means ‘lacking fresh air’ or ‘hot and stuffy’.

Envisage my consternation when he confided that he hadn’t an intimation as to what I was attempting to convey. I thought the terminology unpretentious and unequivocal, yet he had never previously encountered that precise phraseology. I was aghast! I elucidated upon the confounding idiom, endeavoring to enlighten my luncheon cohort as to the intricacies of alternative environmental descriptors. I expounded at length; however, I’m unconvinced as to the success of my impromptu discourse.

Would anyone else care to weigh in on the veracity of using the term ‘close’ as an appropriate atmospheric descriptor? Or on the opinion that I possess a marked penchant for being overweeningly verbose? Anyone…? Anyone…? Beuller?
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