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[ profile] morganaus has asked that I write about the… lifestyle… of the Rural Wastelands, such as it is. )
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This day is miserable and drear. It started off badly (Miss Twink was hiding to avoid going out on a cold, wet morning; I almost broke my ankle feeding the cattle; the umbrella broke while I was walking the dog; my darling wife was in a *foul* mood upon awakening from her beauty sleep; et cetera; et cetera). It then took a tangential turn into dismal, with leaden grey skies, intermittent rain mixed with sleet and an utter dearth of interesting work, which makes a bad day drag on indeterminably. As the song says, “Rainy days and Mondays…”

It also is not helping that I feel like a narcoleptic zombie. If I’m not staring blankly into the middle distance, then I’m nodding off over my keyboard. New medication and a poor night’s sleep do NOT equal a happy Prolix. What I *really* need is a nice, intellectually stimulating issue from the Divine Mr. [ profile] f00dave or an interesting current events post from [ profile] fearsclave, Ultra-Hoopy Frood. Ah well, there’s really only an hour to go. I shouldn’t complain too much…
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