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Last week, I was thinking of writing something charming and humorous – perhaps something like the day-in-the-life thing that [ profile] morganaus suggested.

However, last Thursday changed all that… )
prolixfootle: (Default) has been extremely busy, as it is time for the Semi-Annual Driver Performance Review, which means I get to review and update around a thousand drivers’ records in about two weeks. Hurrah.

In technical news, I have expanded my storage capacity by 120 gig with a new USB external hard drive. Now I can clean up the old PC and install XP for my darling wife (when I get some time, that is). AND I’ll be able to visit KaZaA more frequently. Any suggestions for new and exciting downloads?

And in the ongoing expansion of the mind of Prolix Footle, the Divine Mr. [ profile] f00dave, he of experimental proclivities, has released a entirely new, extremely fascinating, container of worms by replying to Regular Reader Eddy. See his views on Life, the Universe and Everything! Most interesting.

I Wanda....

Mar. 3rd, 2003 04:33 pm
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As I sit here sweltering because they’ve cranked the heat to accommodate a hundred and fifty frigid women, becoming ever more cranky and irritable as the clock crawls on towards the end of business, sorely missing the intellectual stimulation provided by [ profile] f00dave’s debate, I ponder the verities of relationships. And I arrive at a question (aimed mainly at f00, as it is a logical extension of our previous debate): What would it take for you to become completely celibate? What would it take for you to never touch your alluring spouse again? Money? Power? Surgery? DEATH?
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[ profile] f00dave is having a most interesting debate on societal taboos, the cost of such, and his general tendency to loose ways. You may or may not find it here (See f00. See Dick. See the ball. See f00, ball, Dick. Ball! Dick! Ball!), depending on my (incomplete) understanding of LJ tags…
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