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This day is miserable and drear. It started off badly (Miss Twink was hiding to avoid going out on a cold, wet morning; I almost broke my ankle feeding the cattle; the umbrella broke while I was walking the dog; my darling wife was in a *foul* mood upon awakening from her beauty sleep; et cetera; et cetera). It then took a tangential turn into dismal, with leaden grey skies, intermittent rain mixed with sleet and an utter dearth of interesting work, which makes a bad day drag on indeterminably. As the song says, “Rainy days and Mondays…”

It also is not helping that I feel like a narcoleptic zombie. If I’m not staring blankly into the middle distance, then I’m nodding off over my keyboard. New medication and a poor night’s sleep do NOT equal a happy Prolix. What I *really* need is a nice, intellectually stimulating issue from the Divine Mr. [ profile] f00dave or an interesting current events post from [ profile] fearsclave, Ultra-Hoopy Frood. Ah well, there’s really only an hour to go. I shouldn’t complain too much…
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YEEPAA!! It’s the weekend!!
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Well, if I’m going to live up to my name, I’m going to need to post more frequently.

When I first signed up for this Journal, I though, “Hey, no problem, I’ll find time to post almost every day…” Unfortunately, finding time hasn’t been that easy. Not that I’m doing anything of major importance, but, somehow, the day seems to be filled with minutia that saps all of my time.

But that’s enough complaining, at least about that subject. This week has been, and probably will be, incredibly slow because of the “Vendor Show”. Everyone who’s anyone in the company is there, and as you’ve probably guessed from the time of this post, that doesn’t include me. And for that, I am eternally grateful. My manager considers herself quite the social butterfly, and feels the necessity to attend the endless boring meetings and seminars in toto. I get to stay and mind the office, which is fine with me. What I do mind, just a bit, is that my darling wife must also attend the aforementioned meetings, and so will be gone for the majority of the week. Ah well…

In lighter news, I’ve finally finished the bathroom. New sink, new floor, paint and wallpaper, and various new accessories, and it looks…OK I guess. Birdhouses (my wife’s choice for a theme) are not quite my style, but she really likes it.

I suppose eventually I should include some background on myself and my family. Eventually. But right now I guess I’ll go and see if I can find some real work to do before I get terminated and have to offer myself COBRA…
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