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Thanks to all who expressed condolences. It was much appreciated.

*sighs* Last night was a bit rough. It was the first time in twelve years that Kay didn’t sleep at least part of the night on the foot of the bed. I had so much leg room that I couldn’t sleep. Ah well…

I never realized quite how much you could miss in just a day. Over on his journal the Divine Mr. [ profile] f00dave is having a War of Words with the wily pundit [ profile] forthright over a debate about the etymological differences of the words nerd and geek. It seems that they are demonstrating by example…

[ profile] fearsclave, Ultra-Hoopy Frood, reveals his penchant for simulated violence on his journal, as well as the reason he cannot summon a unicorn…

Here in my neck or the rural wasteland, I thought I might include a brief excerpt of what I deal with on a daily basis. Of course, this is but a small portion of my duties, but… well, you’ll get the picture. Please keep in mind, this is a portion of an actual e-mail I received, unaltered except to remove proper nouns (to protect the ‘innocent’, of course). So without further ado A Sample from the workday of Prolix Footle. )

Oh, the joys of working with the public…
prolixfootle: (Default) has been extremely busy, as it is time for the Semi-Annual Driver Performance Review, which means I get to review and update around a thousand drivers’ records in about two weeks. Hurrah.

In technical news, I have expanded my storage capacity by 120 gig with a new USB external hard drive. Now I can clean up the old PC and install XP for my darling wife (when I get some time, that is). AND I’ll be able to visit KaZaA more frequently. Any suggestions for new and exciting downloads?

And in the ongoing expansion of the mind of Prolix Footle, the Divine Mr. [ profile] f00dave, he of experimental proclivities, has released a entirely new, extremely fascinating, container of worms by replying to Regular Reader Eddy. See his views on Life, the Universe and Everything! Most interesting.


Mar. 5th, 2003 05:02 pm
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Well, I am still free to wander amongst the general populace. The diagnosis of medication was spot on. So, now I wait for the miraculous, chemically-induced euphoria. I hope it kicks in soon…

On a totally unrelated note, it is amazing how adults become fascinated by children’s toys. A coworker, Miss L., decided that I needed some cheering up, and so gave me the toy from her Happy Meal. It was a fairly clever building set based on a current animated movie. I put it together and displayed it on a file cabinet next to my desk. I have since collected four more of the sets, and now have a sizable ‘village’ going. The amazing thing is that my coworkers have begun expanding the tableau by adding people (who are currently being mauled by the animals that came with the sets), vehicles and various other accoutrements to make the display even more exciting. All this attention had caused another coworker’s good natured ire, as she was formerly the leader in unusual desk accessories, having a rather large ‘Zen’ garden featuring a graveyard, anti-work slogans, and various monsters form another recent animated feature. Such are the intricacies of inter-office politics.

I Wanda....

Mar. 3rd, 2003 04:33 pm
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As I sit here sweltering because they’ve cranked the heat to accommodate a hundred and fifty frigid women, becoming ever more cranky and irritable as the clock crawls on towards the end of business, sorely missing the intellectual stimulation provided by [ profile] f00dave’s debate, I ponder the verities of relationships. And I arrive at a question (aimed mainly at f00, as it is a logical extension of our previous debate): What would it take for you to become completely celibate? What would it take for you to never touch your alluring spouse again? Money? Power? Surgery? DEATH?
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Well, if I’m going to live up to my name, I’m going to need to post more frequently.

When I first signed up for this Journal, I though, “Hey, no problem, I’ll find time to post almost every day…” Unfortunately, finding time hasn’t been that easy. Not that I’m doing anything of major importance, but, somehow, the day seems to be filled with minutia that saps all of my time.

But that’s enough complaining, at least about that subject. This week has been, and probably will be, incredibly slow because of the “Vendor Show”. Everyone who’s anyone in the company is there, and as you’ve probably guessed from the time of this post, that doesn’t include me. And for that, I am eternally grateful. My manager considers herself quite the social butterfly, and feels the necessity to attend the endless boring meetings and seminars in toto. I get to stay and mind the office, which is fine with me. What I do mind, just a bit, is that my darling wife must also attend the aforementioned meetings, and so will be gone for the majority of the week. Ah well…

In lighter news, I’ve finally finished the bathroom. New sink, new floor, paint and wallpaper, and various new accessories, and it looks…OK I guess. Birdhouses (my wife’s choice for a theme) are not quite my style, but she really likes it.

I suppose eventually I should include some background on myself and my family. Eventually. But right now I guess I’ll go and see if I can find some real work to do before I get terminated and have to offer myself COBRA…


Dec. 19th, 2002 11:05 am
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What is a day?
A string of twitchy hours
strung out,
a tribulation to stomach
as clock hands, static,
mark non-instants
in a continuous purgatory.
Waiting, waiting,
as bugs murmur
in corporation lingo.
Politicos clawing,
always upward,
crushing dutiful grubs
who toil in obscurity.
And still no conclusion in sight.
Toil, labor,
for naught (but a tiny salary)
no triumph, no worth,
no glory of spirit.
And still, and still,
until Psychosis alights
and acuity dims.
Or, most probably,
clocks catch pity,
unknown to you,
and carry on
marking daylight;
bugs adjourn
and workday purgatory
wraps up
and a fun/individual span,
scanty though it is,
What is a day to you?


Dec. 18th, 2002 04:29 pm
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"The plague, unleashed, has done its worst, and yet I survive! I SURVIVE!"

I have faced the dull drugery that is the work day, and I feel better!
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