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I had another weird dream last night.

We were being invaded by extraterrestrials. Only ‘invaded’ wasn’t quite right – they were basically exterminating everything on the planet. Humanity was fighting back, of course, but things were going badly, and you could see the oncoming eradication wave advancing over the horizon like a really bad thunderstorm.

I was at home watching the skies, basically just waiting, because, really, what can you do against an airborne alien attack? I saw a group of people coming towards me, trying to flee the inevitable eradication that was looming ever larger on the horizon. They reached my house about the same time that one of the alien ships hovered into view coming from the opposite direction. It passed over the house and we all just stopped and watched it sail past. It was huge, and looked a bit like a scarab beetle. Just as it passed the house some surface to air missiles shot upwards form somewhere in the distance and struck the giant spaceship. Apparently they did some damage, as the ship canted and started to slide backwards and downwards. The escapees started running around randomly, babbling and hugging as the great craft slowly crashed towards the field beside my house. I specifically heard one family unit – a father and his two adult children – exchanging confessions, repressed truths and forgiveness, trying to clear the air before the end. The children, a man and a woman, both wanted the father to know that they were gay before they all died, and the father was apologizing to them both for basically being a hard-heated homophobe. Then the spaceship gracefully slid into the field, there was a massive explosion with a spectacular shockwave. Rocks fell and everyone died.

Then the afterlife started. It was like life, only perfected and more golden. And we had telekinetic abilities. The spaceships and the extermination wave were gone, and the sun was shining. A bit dazed and very confused, we all went into my house. One guy turned on the radio with his mind. It was playing soft jazz, which he didn’t like, so he changed it to a classic country station. Not my favorite, but whatever.

The family unit sat down at the kitchen table and began chatting quietly. The children were saying how glad they were that they’d finally come out to their father, and how relieved they were that he understood and accepted them. And the father denied it. Everything. Denied that it had ever happened, and that if it had happened he wouldn’t have said what they were saying he said, and basically being a hard-heated homophobe. Generally slipping right back to the way he was before he died a horrible and violent alien death. The kids were crushed. They got up and went back outside.

And then one of the dogs farted and woke me up.

I thing this (the dream, not the farty awakening) says a lot about my outlook on people and my general lack of faith in humanity.
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