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It seems to me that, behind all the rhetoric and drum beating, there are two very simple and basic reasons that Mr. GW is pushing this war: to spur the economy and to ensure reelection. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no history buff. I can’t cite chapter and verse or quote endless statistics, but if I remember correctly (always a big if) wars (at least those that are being won) boost the economy. In case you hadn’t noticed the economy is currently lagging. A better economy, in turn, translates into a better approval rating for ol’ GW. Also, I believe, we as a people tend not to change horses in mid-war. If the war is going well, then hey, another for years easy! And since he couldn’t put the Bin in the trash, then he needs *another* one to cover up that fiasco. “Encore for Mr. KurdsAway…”

So go, be patriotic, bang the drums, fight the War on ‘Tewwah”. Just realize that its all to help the Non-elected President keep his gig in 2004…

Now I think I’ll sit here and wait for the Gesta…er…Homeland Security to show up.
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Oh hell. Here we go again.
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