Aug. 30th, 2016

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So, hey!  How’s everything going with you?  Hope things’re going well with you and yours.  I know everyone has their own trials and tribulations, but I hope yours are minor and easily managed, and, if not, I hope you have the help you need to cope and conquer.  And I’m here and willing to listen if you need to talk.

And me?  Everything’s fine with me.  Great.  Just peachy.

Thus concludes the polite fiction portion of tonight’s missive.  Although the first paragraph was a true and honest representation of my worldview and my desire and willingness to help anyone who needs it, what follows is the stuff I’ve been… what?  Reluctant?  Unwilling?  Embarrassed?  Exhausted?  Some all-encompassing term that sends all that through a Cuisinart and distills it down to one spoonless black dog of a feeling.  And I really do appreciate that people have their own burdens to bear, which is why I recommend, even encourage you to go back to the second paragraph and stop reading there.  I understand, I really do,
and no grudges will be held. )
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